Know Your Tools

This recently published article on NewRepublic got me really reflecting on the subject of spiritual tools, magical gadgets and all sort of shamanistic accessories. I suggest reading the main article first before continuing with my entry.

Can “healing crystals” really heal anyone, if they are soaked with the energy of corruption and exploitation, sourced from the poor countries where economic and physical exploitation of whole families of miners, often children as young as six or seven years old, and environmental corruption is often squared by the lack of humane labour regulations? What energy will such crystal bring to your powerful shamanistic “altar “?

Yes, I have stones in my collection, but I have found them on my own, picked them up from the ground, or got them few gifted from dear friends. I never bought a single stone myself, although I was tempted on numerous occasions and assured about their special abilities by many sellers.

Today, I am to place a crystal clear, pun certainly intended, reflection on the minerals’ market and its surreal, astronomical prices of stones and crystals you can find there.


You took the red pill. You’re outside of the matrix. Great, but it seems like you didn’t venture far away.  You see, “spiritual” marketplace is a business like any other. In a way, it reminds me a lot of fashion trends and consumeristic patterns, advertised as magical, sexy, colourful – a land of uniqueness, only accessible to those who are “special”. There is a great chance you used to be an accountant or a clerk, a team leader maybe, but now you are “a spiritual warrior”, “a princess”, “a catalyst for change” or possibly even “a shaman”. You are bombarded with images of indigenous people using all those fancy tools of the shamanistic trade, so you need to collect them all to progress, aye?

“Spiritual” became desired and as such it produces demand for shiny things and all those hocus-pocus tools and numerous gadgets to confirm your successful transformation. Or that’s what the social media say or a seller on a local market will try to convince you to believe. But the truth is, a “spiritual” seller who ships stones from Myanmar, Congo or Morocco and sells them for on a western market for $500 is anything but spiritual.

A seller of any product is a capitalistic seller, who buys things for cheap and selling them for profit, not judging, simply stating. Moreover, that applies to pretty much every seller and every product (rapeé tobacco, crystals, stones, herbs, water filters), service (energy healing, prana) or tool of so-called spiritual expansion, unless it is humbly offered, decently valued and honestly explained to you.

Reflect on your tools. Track their source. Ask questions and only use those tools that truly benefit your real and practical healing cause. And if you need any extra tools, maybe consider creating them yourself.

To replace one matrix of blind consumerism with yet another one – only labelled as “spiritual” this time around – isn’t a great sign of progression in my very humble opinion. The good news is you don’t really need all those shiny tools to perform a deep, meaningful and humane work on yourself and to improve the quality of your life and relationships.

The inner wisdom, a source of authentic connection and a deep empathy can’t be bought with any money, and can’t be accessed by any of the external, physical tools, no matter how shiny and “magical” they are.

The most powerful tool for change is your heart and your internal qualities and they all require anything, but shiny tokens.

They require your focus, dedication, commitment and hard work to be mastered.


This reminds me of the power of the wisdom keepers I was lucky to work with and learn from – where the only tools of healing trade were often a small cup of plant-based medicine that grows naturally in the forest, their sacred neighbourhood, a pouch of wild tobacco and, most importantly, their own voice to summon the healing processes from within.

All you really need is you and those few, carefully selected tools that will only support you on this journey, not the other way around. Use them carefully and consciously.


That’s all you really need. The awareness of your own body, the vibration of your voice and the confidence in your own intelligence. Trust your own beautiful self. The less, the better. The cleaner, the better. The more internal, the more beneficial. The more organic, the more in balance with your biological self.

Trust your own beautiful self and those tools that truly help you to strengthen your own voice in the healing process and add momentum to your deep, but practical expansion.

Let’s start again, let’s heal with cleanness and use our internal abilities, our limitless intelligence, and pure capacity to grow.

With love, Karol

Image: A miner holding an amethyst crystal in Ametista do Sul, Brazil. Photo by Caio Guatelli.

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