FREE Starter Kit to Expand Your Consciousness

Pangean loves documentaries! I decided to share my devotion to documentary films by sharing few of my favourite documentary websites, YouTube channels and inspirational individuals with great free content. I promise they are all worth your precious time and will pay back with some mind-bending / opening / reconstructing ideas.

So sit back, relax and… gently expand.

Firstly, few amazing documentary hubs with tons of inspirational content organised into clear and thematic sections:

  • Top Documentary Films – over 3000 full-length documentaries organized in 25 different categories, searchable by keywords, sortable by rating, comments, and titles and open for discussion. One of my favourite site for new astronomy and science documentaries.
  • Films For Action – another page with a massive collection of the best films and videos that can be watched free online, sorted into 40 subjects, mostly related to changing the world.
  • Documentary Heaven – a great resource for activist themed documentaries, archaeology and art and huge educational section (almost 400 documentaries).

My favourite Physics and Science channels on YouTube:

  • PBS Space-Time – channel explores the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi, and anything else you can think of beyond Planet Earth with astrophysicist host Matthew O’Dowd. Great channel!
  • VSauce – everything about the beauty of the world, universe, physics, art and contemporary culture. Micheal at VSauce makes science not only interesting but extremely fun to watch!
  • World Science Festival – The WSF’s mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future. Topics range from quantum physics to robotics to psychology.

Shamanism and Nature. Alternative medicine. I actually decided to create a separate post on this subject and will post it soon with a lot of useful links. For the moment check out Chris Kilham’s YouTube channel dedicated to the healing power of plants! Chris is the author of many books about plant medicines, such as ‘The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook: The Essential Guide to Ayahuasca Journeying’.

  • Medicine Hunter – Chris Kilham’s globetrotting adventures exploring the wide world of natural medicines. From the Amazon to Siberia, discover the fascinating healing power of nature. Make sure you check his list of A-Z plant medicines

And here it is – Pangean’s Starter Kit for every truth seeker out there in a form of 10 inspirational and mind-reconstructing documentaries and videos (+ more links in movies description, so yay, more documentaries to watch!). Just click on the titles to watch. They aren’t listed in any particular order, but numero uno – TROM is, in my humble opinion, a must seen masterpiece to be watched:

1. TROM – The Reality of Me (2011)

Massive 14 hours documentary explaining the world in which we live, through the lenses of science: from the evolution of everything to the monetary system (the game we currently play) and providing solutions to create a different kind of society. Here is the full playlist of all episodes available online for free. Also released on Vimeo.

2. The Choice is Ours (2016) by The Venus Project

Produced/Directed by Roxanne Meadows and Joel Holt, The Choice is Ours investigates cultural and environmental conditions that are untenable for a sustainable world civilization, explores the methods and potential of science and proposes solutions that we can apply at present to eliminate the use of non-renewable sources of energy and “redesign the culture” where all enjoy a high standard of living, free of servitude and debt, while also protecting the environment. Also check out The Venus Project: Future by Design.

3. DMT – The Spirit Molecule (2010)

The Spirit Molecule investigates dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an endogenous psychoactive compound, which exists in humans and numerous species of plants and animals. The documentary traces Dr. Rick Strassman’s research and examination of DMT’s effects through the lens of two traditionally opposed concepts, science and spirituality. The Spirit Molecule explores the connections between cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum physics, and human spirituality.

4. Baraka (1992) & Samsara (2011)

Powerful visual masterpieces that take you on a tour of the globe. Both use no language, so need no translation. They speak in visual language, natural sounds, and music. They regard our planet and the life upon it and stands outside of historical time.

5. TRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? (2012)

TRIVE lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream – uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, it offers solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

6. Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist Trilogy (2007 – 2012): Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Zeitgeist Trilogy by Peter Joseph is a shift triggering a set of documentaries that investigate social frames and conspiracy theories, from the 9/11 terror attacks to possible plans by international leaders to create a centralized world bank in charge of the whole monetary system. You can find all parts on Youtube.

7. Nikola Tesla: Greatest Mind of All Times

Biography of one of the greatest humanitarian and one of the most inventive thinkers of all times, that dreamed of providing unlimited source of energy to the humanity by using the magic of the science of electromagnetism. Also check out those two older documentaries about the deeper secrets of Nikola’s work that mainstream media would not talk about loud: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla and Nikola Tesla’s Unlimited Free Energy Forever.

8. How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past

Causality is meant to move in one direction: forward. But the Quantum Eraser experiment seems to reverse causality. How and why can this happen and what are the implications of this experiment on how we understand Quantum Mechanics and our greater universe?

9. Imagining the 10th Dimension

Few documentaries here as the subject is essentially interesting, discussed from wide angles of both science and spirituality and somehow critical to enhance awareness and overall acceptance of truth and therefore accelerate our evolution. More on subject: The Elegant Universe with Brian Greene, Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace. Enjoy the ride!

10. Simulated Reality

The simulation hypothesis contends that reality is, in fact, a simulation, most likely a computer simulation, of which we, the stimulants, are totally unaware. Some versions rely on the development of simulated reality, a fictional technology. Also see Simulated Reality.

And you dear Conscious Wanderers, Do you know any amazing documentaries that you would recommend to be watched and may be included in the Pangean list?

Please share them in the comments below.
Love and peace.


by Karol Liver – Karol is a founder and editor of Pangean Path and chief editor of prism – editorial collective dedicated to contemporary photography. He is a freelance journalist, mind expanding content creator, visual artist and photographer, free spirit and devoted human being.

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