Hello. My name is Karol Liver and this is Pangean Path, a research hub dedicated to the art of personal development in alignment with nature. I base my personal work on four pillars of inspirational disciplines: Art, Science, Adventuring, and Spirituality.  Here is the most complex Q&A about my person, work, and inspirations.

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” – Vincent van Gogh

Who am I?  I am a human being dedicated to being human. I am an educator and passionate cognitive researcher with over fifteen years of successful experience in teaching, curating, lecturing and personal development-oriented work. I am also a dedicated Tsa Lung practitioner, a powerful Tibetan breathing and movement practice.

What is Pangean Path? Pangean is my personal project and research hub dedicated to the studies of cognitive intelligence and its expansion, based on human psychology and studies of consciousness. My main aim with this project is to provoke a serious educational approach as the main pillar for personal and spiritual expansion and invite the audience to an open, constructive discussion on the health and safety aspects of the above-mentioned work. It also serves as a center for linking my artistic, spiritual and intellectual connections around the globe.

About Karol Liver

What is my experience with plant-based medicine? I have been actively working with plant-based medicines and various indigenous tribes in the native environments on three continents since 2012 studying the mystical territory of the Amazon rain forest and its ancient shamanic traditions.

I have travelled to, lived and perform my research in the Amazon Basin in Peru (also Ecuador and Bolivia), where I have studied under the wise eyes of the native Shipibo-Conibo people, that are commonly known for their dedication and profound skills in the art of shamanic healing. I have actively participated in, assisted and facilitated numerous ceremonies and samás (integration processes) with sacred plants over the past years including Ayahuasca, Noya Rao, Huachuma and Mapacho. I have also studied the art of brewing the Ayahuasca tea in the Americas and the art of curing the sacred tobacco in Peru.

I am currently actively involved in facilitating and co-hosting during various shamanic ceremonies and retreats around the World (Europe, North America, and Asia).

As part of my path, I facilitate Mapacho – Sacred Tobacco lectures and gatherings. I also provide audiences in Europe with inspirational talks on the indigenous Shipibo culture and traditions, preparations for ceremonies and the health and safety in the personal and spiritual expansion using various entheogens. Only in the recent years I have been present with talks and workshops on festivals like NewEarth Festival (Bali), Conscious Concert, Body & Soul (Ireland), Masters of Calm (UK), GoaDupa (Poland) and O.Z.O.R.A. (Hungary) to mention but a few.


Who do I work/study with? I study by the side of humble, dedicated and extremely experienced practitioners in Europe and in South America. My most profound teacher is Maestra Curandera Juana Silvano Teco, also known as Isa Yaka (Hummingbird) who works as a shaman and skilled bonesetter for the local community in the Ucayali region for her entire life. Plant-wise, she works mainly with the spirits of Ayahuasca, Noya Rao, Sananga and Mapacho.

about - jungle

How do I see myself grow? I am a knowledge addict and wisdom hunter. I believe in the power of intellect and human biology. My brain is like an infinite sponge that loves to be soaked in the cognitive nature of experiences. I really see no end to the process of learning, be it your daily routine or lifetime adventure. I have dedicated my entire adult life to studying various humanistic disciplines and, throughout the years, developed passionate love for art: body movement, dance, photography, music, and contact improvisation; science: astronomy, astrobiology (I have completed astrobiology curse at Harvard), psychology, theoretical science, quantum physics (not the New Age version, please!); adventuring: with a strong emphasis on the indigenous traditions, ancient cultures, archaeology; and, as a natural conclusion, conscious spiritual expansion a path of self-exploration via philosophy, shamanism, plant-based medicinal work, meditation, breathing practices and sound healing.

Like an optical prototype of a prism, I allow the light in to refract it out, with the most spectacular spectrum of unlimited colours. The best and most exciting part is that there is really no end to this path. There is no end to the horizon of expansion.


How do I travel? My main quest during my expeditions is to find the access to the source of the ancient wisdom and mystical places of power. I hardly ever follow touristic routes. I offer an insight into expedition route and individual or group adjustments. I have travelled to over 50 countries in the last years and I see Pangean Path as an open space for any sort of artistic, scientific and spiritual collaborations around the World and a generator of inspirational and co-creative vibes that can be shared with you lovely bunch of amazing folks, wisdom keepers, art curators, life and wellness coaches, photographers, and all those beautifully connected souls I constantly meet on the road and share space with. If you are interested to see some of my postcards from Gaia, you can browse through my Gallery or check my Instagram profile.

Can I join? Yes, you are heartily welcome to join my expeditions. I am currently organizing group expeditions to Peru, a spiritual quest through the land of the Incas concluded in the Peruvian jungle, right into the arms of ancient spirits of the rain forest and the wisdom of ancient tribes and their companion Ayahuasca, a powerful medicine practised in the Amazon for centuries. You can read more about the expeditions by clicking this link.

What is Pangean Talks? It is an important, educational sub-section in which I provide my audience with talks and discussion panels on various subjects, including Ayahuasca work and ceremonies, preparation to shamanistic rituals and Shipibo culture. My main aim with this project is to provoke a serious educational approach as the main pillar of spiritual expansion and invite the audience to an open, constructive discussion on the health and safety aspects of above-mentioned work. The Pangean project is currently composed of inspirational talks and lectures on indigenous traditions (monthly meetings), sacred tobacco work, indigenous mythology and shamanism, nature gatherings and expeditions to various places of power.

One of my popular talk, The Voice of Nimea Kaya, approaches work with Ayahuasca from many angles – from the scientific aspects of the medicine to native stories and beliefs to cultural aspects and the nature of icaros.  You can check out the themes and subjects of my lectures and workshops in the Talks section.

Other things I love doing. I am also available as a speaker for conferences and discussion panels about art and photography, I work as photography curator for over 10 years and have supported multiple photographic and artistic initiatives. I have coordinated and curated numerous talks, exhibitions and portfolio reviews in between 2010 and 2019 during numerous art festivals in Ireland, Poland, UK, Italy and Canada and was present in a jury panel for URBAN International Photographic Award in Italy in 2017-2018. I run prism, a successful photographic curatorial collective operating worldwide. In 2011 I started to work as a personal intuitive life-coach and progressive trainer for groups and companies.

Thank you for visiting my space and I hope to see you in person soon. You can read more about the Expeditions here and check the upcoming ones. If you want to check for any upcoming events please also stay tuned to Pangean event page on facebook.


Amazon jungle, Pucallpa region as seen from the plane. Photo: Pangean Path (Karol Liver)