Nature Retreats & Expeditions

Wind is my companion, so alongside my scientific research, I am more than happy to invite you to join me in the most unconventional adventures to the source of the forgotten wisdom; into the arms of the Nimea Kaya (the spirit of the jungle), to the sacred temples and places of power, forgotten archaeological sites and deep wilderness inhabited by the indigenous cultures, where ancient shamanistic rituals are still being practised in the untouched traditional way. In the past I have travelled and organised expedition and retreats in places like Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, Spain, United States (Hawaii), Indonesia, Ireland, Poland and Iceland.

Upcoming retreats & expeditions in 2020:

  • Ireland – Monthly therapeutic retreats in nature and integrative workshops in Dublin; currently cancelled due to covid-19 lockdown
  • Peru – Autumn 2020 – Into the Arms of Nimea Kaya – A jungle expedition with Shipibo healers – postponed until 2021
  • Venezuela – August 2020 – A week expedition to meet and learn from the wisdom of Piaroa tribe – postponed until 2021
  • Iceland – September 2020 – A complex 5 days-long nature-fuelled retreat with sweat lodge, glacier and nature hikes and plant workshops – postponed until 2021