Lectures & Workshops

Pangean Lectures & Workshops explore the potential of public meetings, talks, panel discussions and workshops in order to create space for progressive education that supports open dialogue and critical thinking on the subjects of health and safety in plant-based medicinal work.

Current talks discuss the use of entheogens and natural remedies in
personal and spiritual development, various techniques of psychedelic integration, indigenous traditions of approaching subjects from both psychological and scientific angles.

Pangean has been present with talks and workshops around the world:


Pangean dreams of a world where these medicines are free from stigma and discrimination and where they are approved and available for personal and collective healing.

A world where each one of us is provided with solid education on the health and safety and therapeutic properties of entheogenic plants and a basic human right to decide which of the tools available out there contribute to our health and well-being. Please check Education section above or click on the image below for free digital content, articles and infographic leaflets. Our page on Facebook is also a great space for inspirational updates.