pangean lectures & workshops

“Your brain has about 100 billion neurons telling 50 trillion cells in your body how to function in perfect harmony. You are a miracle of Intelligence.” – Karol Liver / Pangean

Pangean Lectures & Workshops explore the potential of public meetings, talks, panel discussions and workshops in order to create space for progressive education that supports open dialogue and critical thinking on the subjects of health and safety in plant-based medicinal work.

Current talks discuss the use of entheogens and natural remedies in
personal and spiritual development and techniques of integration, approaching subjects from both spiritual and scientific angles.

You can find current events in the Talks section above and on Pangean event page

Upcoming lectures and workshops: 

  • Monthly Workshops in Dublin (IE) and Krakow (PL)
  • GoaDupa Festival (Poland, Bieszczady), July 19-24/18
  • Studio Zwierzyniec (Poland, Krakow), July 25-26/18
  • Lunar Eclipse Gathering, Rush (Ireland), July 27/18
  • Sundown Gathering (Ireland), August 24/18
  • Samhain Gathering (Ireland), November 03/18
  • Monthly Wild Tobacco and Master Plants Workshops (Ireland)
  • Vernal Equinox Gathering (Ireland), March 20/19
  • Masters of Calm (Northern Ireland, UK), June 14-16/19
  • Lost Theory (Spain), July 9-15/19
  • O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary), July 29 – August 4/19
  • Wild Tobacco Workshops (Iceland), September 19-23/19