pangean lectures, talks and workshops

“Your brain has about 100 billion neurons telling 50 trillion cells in your body how to function in perfect harmony. You are a miracle of Intelligence.” – Karol Liver / Pangean

Pangean Talks explores the potential of live meetings, talks, panel discussions and workshops to create a space for open dialogue and critical thinking on the subjects of self-awareness and intellectual progression, approaching them from both spiritual and scientific angles. Current talks discuss natural remedies, techniques of expansion, health and safety in a personal and spiritual progression and assisted/guided meditation.

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Next lectures and workshops: 

  • Dublin (IE) and Krakow (PL)
  • GoaDupa Festival, Bieszczady, Poland, July 19-24
  • Studio Zwierzyniec, Krakow, July 25
  • Lunar Eclipse Gathering, Rush, Ireland, 27 July
  • Sundown Gathering, Ireland, 24 August
  • Samhain Gathering, Ireland, 03 November