Lectures & Workshops

Pangean Lectures & Workshops is an educational section of Pangean Path dedicated to public meetings, talks, panel discussions and workshops organised to promote and support open dialogue, and critical thinking on the subjects of personal development, plant-based medicinal work and general health and safety.

As a graduate of social studies (Sociology and culture, International Relationships) particularly interested in broader, global and cultural impact of the current entheogenic and psychedelic boom, Karol has recently teamed up with many devoted researchers, including biophysicist Clare Foley, to gather, analyze and present their audiences with both interesting and accurate data.

Here are a few excerpts from our talks and lectures:

  • Various natural plant-based remedies, including entheogens and their cultural adherence
  • Geo-social and cultural aspects of plant-based medicinal work at the source
  • Psychological aspects of working with entheogens
  • Techniques for successful mental and physical integration of experiences with entheogens
  • Bio-spirituality – where biology, biophysics and spiritual identity overlap
  • Current scientific research in the above-mentioned fields
  • General health and safety in plant-based medicinal work including preparation and aftercare

Popular talks:

The Voice of Nimea Kaya – Into the Arms of the Jungle

The theme of this extremely popular talk is Ayahuasca and all related work in a ceremonial space and can be seen as a broad introduction to the medicine and Shipibo Culture. It covers:

  • How to prepare yourself mentally and physically for Ayahuasca ceremonies?
  • Who is a healer (shaman) and what is their role in native environment?
  • What is an intention and why is it important?
  • Understanding ceremonial space?
  • Health and safety

We also talk about Shipibo culture and plant-based medicine, as approached from anthropological, cultural, spiritual and scientific angles. It is worth to mention that both the spiritual and scientific aspects of the medicine are introduced, alongside native stories and beliefs. The audience is introduced to the pantheon of the jungle spirits and plants. Finally, we go through the health and safety part which is a vital part of any preparation for conscious work with medicine.

Available workshops:

The Flower of Mapacho – Sacred Tobacco Practice (Talk and Workshop)

The lecture and workshop explain the place of Sacred Tobacco in the shamanic tradition and native environment, both as a practical tool of survival and a powerful master plant to support deep healing processes. The audience is presented elemental compass – an organic map for all those, who would like to study various forms of sacred tobacco and understand its broader healing, shamanic and integrative qualities, based on the tobacco form and its elemental alignment. The ‘map’ is built on the grounds of the indigenous tobacco use, mostly traditions and practices of the Shuar and the Shipibo tribes, from Ecuador and Peru. 

Group and Individual Tobacco Workshops

I offer Master Plant Tobacco Ceremonies, for both individuals and groups in both educational (lectures and workshops) and ceremonial spaces.

Current And Past events:

  • TEDx Talk Wroclaw, Poland
  • O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, Hungary
  • GOA Dupa Festival, Poland
  • NewEarth Festival, Indonesia
  • Body & Soul Festival, Ireland
  • Knockan Stockan Festival, Ireland
  • Masters of Calm Festival, UK